Checkin' Tendies is a podcast that talks all things not men's hockey. 

This podcast has everything; goalies, chickens, womens hockey, everything you are looking for in a podcast 

Latest Episodes

We try a live draft

on this episode we talk the latest news of the day given that the day is almost a month ago. we also do a live draft with J's mom!

There are so few pants in the world

While the majority of this episode is goalie talk we do promise it mentions actual hockey.

Checkin tendies boston edition

a selection or the worst, or maybe the best, boston accent bits from the newest episode. Most of the stuff is would normally have never made it from past the cut.

Hockey non hockey

the checkin tendies crew wraps up the pre-season action, tera getting to hockey and J's big announcement. what is the announcement you may ask? you will have to listen...

I love a good Puck

Part two of our off season summary.

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